For anyone who wants to get a better understanding of Chinese fandom nowadays, the first group you might want to study are the Lu fans - followers of Chinese singer/actor Lu Han, one of the hottest stars in the country lately. 对于任何想要更好地了解当前中国迷文化的人来说,可能首先需要研究的群体就是鹿晗的粉丝,他们是中国歌手、演员鹿晗的追随者,鹿晗为中国近期最火热的明星之一。
Dubbed by foreign media as the Chinese Justin Bieber, the 27-year-old Beijing-born superstar has received an incredibly warm welcome since returning home after ending his contract with the South Korean pop group EXO in 2014. 这位出生于北京的27岁巨星被外媒称为“中国的贾斯汀·比伯”,自2014年结束与韩国流行团体EXO的合同后他就回到中国,并受到了难以置信的热捧。 Recently he completed his debut show during the China Central Television Spring Festival Gala on January 27 and was awarded a 2016 Figure of the Year award by the China News Service. 近日,他完成了1月27日中国中央电视台春节联欢晚会的首秀,并获得了中国新闻社2016年度风云人物。 It’s hard for anyone living in China to ignore the startling online figures involving Lu and his fans - a post of his on Sina Weibo that had 100,252,605 comments was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015 as the most highly commented on Sina Weibo post. A post he made on the eve of the Lantern Festival (February 10) garnered 1.18 million likes and was reposted 1.84 million times. 任何生活在中国的人们都难以忽视关于鹿晗及其粉丝们的一些令人咂舌的网络数据——他新浪微博上的一个帖子获得了100252605个评论,于2015年被认定为吉尼斯世界纪录“评论最多的新浪微博帖子”。他于元宵节前夕(2月10日)发布的一条帖子获得了118万个赞,并被转发184万次。 While some disregard these numbers, calling Lu fans naocanfen (senseless fans), his fan base actually sees supporting their idol as a serious cause. 虽然有些人并不关心这些数字,称鹿粉们是脑残粉,但是他的粉丝基地事实上将支持他们的偶像作为一个严肃的事业。 Dedicated fan base 专注的粉丝基地 These figures are created bit by bit by millions of Lu fans, not individuals who abandon their personal lives to work online or so-called shuijun, said Tian Tian, one of the managers of the Lu Han Bar, a Lu fan club on Chinese forum platform Baidu Tieba. In China, shuijun, or water army, refers to people who are paid to post messages online to increase a target’s online influence. “这些数据是由鹿晗的几百万粉丝一点一点创造出来的,而非那些放弃个人生活到网上工作的人们或者是所谓的水军创造出来的,”中国论坛平台百度贴吧鹿晗俱乐部鹿晗吧的一名管理员天天(音)说道。在中国,水军指代那些拿报酬在网上发布信息增加目标人网络影响力的人。 Most of us are rational people who understand where the boundary between star-chasing and our personal lives lies, the 27-year-old woman, also a Lu fan for the past four years, told the Global Times on Monday. “我们大多数人都很理性,知道追星和私人生活的界限,”这位已经追了鹿晗有4年的27岁女子于周一向《环球时报》表示。 With 3.25 million registered members, the Lu Han Bar is probably the country’s largest Lu fan club. It encompasses not only online platforms, but also 33 offline branch clubs in China and other countries and regions including the US and Australia. The fan club has a total of 300 managers. 鹿晗吧有着325万注册成员,这可能是中国最大的鹿晗粉丝俱乐部。它不仅包含网上平台,在中国和美国、澳大利亚等其他国家和地区还拥有33个线下分支俱乐部。粉丝俱乐部共有300名管理员。 Every morning, hundreds of thousands of members flood the online Lu Han Bar to sign-in and share news about Lu. It is very much like disciple carrying out their regular morning prayer. 每天早上,都会有数以万计的成员涌入网上鹿晗吧签到,并分享关于鹿晗的新闻。这很像是信徒们做常规祷告。 We don’t get paid. We do this purely out of our love for Lu, said Tian. We use our free time to manage the club, so there are no such things as full-time or part-time jobs here. “我们并没有拿钱。我们这样做纯粹是出于对鹿晗的爱,”天天说道。“我们利用闲时管理俱乐部,因此不存在全职或兼职工作的事情。” Healthy relationship 良好的关系 Lu fans range in age from primary school students to senior citizens, according to Tian. With such a large group, Tian thinks it is only natural that there will be some extremist fans among the millions of healthy fans. 据天天介绍,鹿粉的年龄段从小学生到老年市民。由于这么庞大的一个群体,天天认为在几百万健康粉丝中自然会出现一些极端粉丝。 Many Lu fans I know were born after 1995, Mu Tou, a 25-year-old Lu fan, told the Global Times. And it’s true that many of them are just kids and sometimes are rude. “我知道很多鹿粉出生于1995年后,”25岁的鹿粉木头(音)向《环球时报》表示。“确实他们很多人只是孩子,有的时候有些粗鲁。” In the eyes of many of Lu’s fans, Lu is much more than just a handsome-looking star who is good natured and humble. He is polite, sweet to fans, hardworking and sometimes like a big boy who is a bit awkward with words. 在很多鹿粉的眼里,鹿晗远不止是一名脾气好、谦逊的帅明星。他彬彬有礼,“对粉丝很好”,工作努力,“有的时候像个不怎么会说话的大男孩。” For me, he is an example to live up to, said Mu. He always inspires me to become a person like him - a positive and considerate person who never whines about life. “对我而言,他就是一个不负众望的例子,”木头说道。“他总是激励我成为一个他那样的人——正面、体贴、从不抱怨生活。”